Train of Thought

I sit in my AI class
On a dull Tuesday noon
My mind is lost
in Byzantine thought
So I write this poem,
‘cuz why the heck not.

I notice this reddish stain
Under my teacher’s collar
You know what else is red?
My mind started to figure
The Nazi flag with the swastika
That reminds me of Hitler!

Stalin was Hitler’s coeval
He domineered Soviet Russia,
The home of icy vodka.
Vodka in any form
Will make your vision blurred
Might as well suit up and ask
For it to be shaken and not stirred.

007 is British
And so was Captain Russell
The ball that he caught
Was declared a six.
He was deported to Africa!
What unfortunate politics!

Politics in the real world
Is all about the moolah
If I had all that money
Instead of the crooks, they murky
I’d get something so very cool
Like a sweet-ass dune buggy.

Dubai has extensive dunes
And also no income tax
Just like booze in modern Pondi,
Where VITians go to relax.

Pondi is in Tamil Nadu
Famous for Dosa and sambar
Looks like we’ve reached the destination,
That stain was probably sambar.



Real sign of intelligence isn’t knowledge, it’s imagination.

What does knowledge stem from?How does it exist?Did we invent it, or simply discover it? There are a number of questions but not many answers. In fact, the basic answer is just one, creativity. It is our very own creativity that has led us to learn, to read, to write, to grow, to dance, to survive, to invent, to discover and to know. And so, it is this very creativity that is responsible for the creation of all knowledge in the world as we know it and so proudly speak of.

Intelligence, however, is of a completely different nature. In a world where intelligence is measured by the shallow reflection of grades on a sheet, or by performance at one entrance exam on one day, we have definitely lost our way. It is difficult to explain what true intelligence consists of, but what we can say with utmost surety that it is not these marks. Then maybe true intelligence is measured by knowledge, by how much one really knows about a particular subject, aspect or field and by how much interest and attention he really pays to seek that knowledge. To some extent, we are right. It is more than justified to say that to be intelligent one must possess knowledge. But to be armed only with knowledge, is that enough?

This is where we are often wrong. Because for most of us, knowledge itself is enough. But in reality, it is not. It is far from enough. What truly shows us that a person is intelligent, what sets them apart is actually the things that they can do armed with all that knowledge. It is the ways they can imagine to use their knowledge to fabricate something that is of actual worth and then give that creation that exists merely in their heads, a living breathing existence in the real world. It is only creativity that can have a true impact on people simply because, the only way to make use of knowledge comes through the filter of creativity.

Thinking in the same old traditional ways never brought any of us far. It is creativity that shines through when people like James Watt decide to see if steam can actually move an engine, or when a college kid, Mark Zuckerberg, decides that the world needs to have a platform where they can connect with one another and keep in touch. A number of people knew that steam was powerful and many people know how develop a site and make platforms, but to use that knowledge in a unique way to transform our lives is creativity. In every step that mankind took and is taking to develop, we see a plethora of novel ideas coming into the picture. All of these are products of creativity and imagination and it would be foolish to assume that just because we know, we are intelligent. Because a lot of people can know, but very few can actually make use of that undoubtedly powerful knowledge.This is what sets these two kinds of people phenomenally apart. And so, our perception of what intelligence is must change and it is these few people that we should pay the respect of calling ‘intelligent’ as it is them who really make a difference.

– Japneet Kaur Saluja