A Broken Family, A Broken Dream

A tear drips onto a memory book
How I wish I could return to the past
It’s the good times I want to return to

There hangs a lonely sickening feeling
The world that I once loved, slips off my fingertips
Leaving behind a kingdom in ruin

The glitter faded to gray
The colors faded away
Until black and white remained

Back when mommy was always happy and funny
Her pretty black hair, usually tied up in a bun
Making pancakes every alternate day

Back when daddy let me help him plant flowers in our garden
Helping me every night with all the hard stuff out there
Reading stories in all sorts of crazy voices

Back when daddy still loved mommy
Back to when we leapt around the so-tall flowers
Eternally a time of love and joy

Now they are drifting away
Maybe I could have prevented all of this disaster
A miserable blank replacing the glowing smiles

Now, nobody is smiling
Nobody is happy
Because nobody can even fake it

There is no glue that could put them back together
I am still searching for that glue
To join all our cracked and shattered dreams

In the middle of the night, I sit and I write
The wind no longer makes me cold
The sun doesn’t make my skin warm

If only I could do something
To get mommy and daddy back together
To save my family, tangled in knots

By Rohitanshu Kar


The Stranger With The Light

A world so deeply pained,
And all efforts went in vain.
Yes, the light had gone missing somewhere,
And you brought it back again.

I thought that I had changed,
Indeed, this thought was insane.
Now learned that that was me who led the change,
I left those thoughts to search new lanes.

I then resolved to follow,
the good words thy had sent,
In your face, I learnt lessons,
Till yesterday, I hadn’t.

You wiped the picture clear,
How my steps should I steer.
Like a blessing you had come,
A stranger, who is no more one.                                                                                  –

-Sakshi Ragini