Author: Afreed Ahmed

Escaping from my rush-hour routine
I mark upon the concrete walls
Making what’s unseen seen
Aware that it’s just riding for a fall

Memories, of which I’m the designer
Rhymes and reasons, a work in progress
I feel the adrenaline rushing wilder
When my spray can runs reckless

The sirens in the distance excite us vandals
The rattling of the can, the blues and purples
Littered words and spray painted tantrums
Parade in jagged lines and circles

I lean against the colourful wall and grin
I don’t want to give up on this feeling
Little parts of my story on my skin
The blues and red of the police closing

There’s a storm I’ve started and let loose
I’m a wanderess, I pull on my hoodie and flee
For what I’ve done, there’s no excuse
I figure out my next graffiti.

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