Author: Janani Ramachandran  


The sunlight shone bright on them

As cascades from the canopy of the banyan tree

Their young eyes too weak for the brightness

As they nestled deep into the comfort of their mother

Her smell and aroma engraved in every part of their connected hearts

As the radically different siblings grew stronger together than apart


They were countless no doubt

In the sweet spring breeze swaying their arms about

Finally the dandelion did see

The destinations where her young had to be

So she made them beautiful and strong

Weakening her link with them all along

She did see with a heavy heart

That farewell was inevitable to be


As autumn whistled by

Spring bloomed to say hi

The nightingales rejoicing the beginning of new life

As the dandelion softly hummed to her dear ones

A lullaby tinged with melancholy

That in their rush to explore did the ecstatic youth ignore


They flew by as wind soared beneath their silken skirts

Their magnificent ascent applauded by everybody

Amidst the chaos of the applause

All they could hear was a silent humming


A lullaby, a prayer

For their billowing skirts to never falter

To capture the world with their wings of white

And to conquer every war with undying might

The magnificence  of their ascent brilliantly captured by

The silent teardrop gracing the dandelion’s barren body

That held the promise of tomorrow

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