Unheared Whisper

Trees sway when I blow,
Plants rejoice when I flow.
When plants get energized and stimulated,
Nature turns serene and is never infuriated.
I am the moving air,
I am this earth’s au pair.
I blow around with a gentle breeze,
Whispering and making your life one of ease.
Everything had gone well for millions of years,
Then I realized something dire, I developed a fear.
A large monstrous figure is engulfing our earth,
It is spreading sorrow and not any kind of mirth.
This monster is developing at a very fast rate,
I don’t know what will be mine and my fellows’ fate,
This monster has taken birth due to human greed,
Pollution, air conditioners, vehicles, factories, take the lead.
Now when I blow, I don’t notice any greenery,
Now when I blow, I don’t see any picturesque scenery.
I mostly see droughts, famines, floods and fallow lands,
I do see industries where once used to be grasslands.
I see the animal kingdom in dismay and despair,
Oh! Isn’t there anybody to give them love and care?
When they lose their habitat, they move to cities and towns,
Even the lion king is killed and has to part with his crown.
Don’t kill and torture them by taking their homeland,
Don’t convert the forest patches into a wasteland.
I see the same anguish in the eyes of polar animals,
Humans are not less than ruthless cannibals.
For the frigid zone animals, I truly feel sad,
The ice has started melting, which is bad.
I also have a tough time seeing this disaster before my eyes,
Humans do nothing for the environment, except telling lies.
There are so many poisonous gases around me,
I can see them acting as my coffin keys.
I am also getting suffocated here,
I know my death is, indeed, quite near.
I have realized that nature will vanish soon,
Dear humans, it is a bane, not a boon.
One day, you will gasp for air and long for life,
Wake up humans, the time has come to strive.
Do something sensible or in hell you will be pinned,

This letter is from-
Yours sincerely,
The Wind.


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